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Gloria Wu, M.D. | Board Certified Ophthalmologist


Gloria Wu, M.D. | Board Certified Ophthalmologist



Gloria Wu, MD is a graduate of Harvard University and College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University. She has written three textbooks, Retina The Fundamentals (published in 1995 by WB Saunders), Ophthalmology for Primary care (published in 1997 by WB Saunders) and Diabetic Retinopathy (published in 2010 by J.P. Lippincott-Wolters Kluwer).


Gloria Wu, M.D. has a private practice in San Jose, California. She is currently accepting new patients. Walk-ins are usually not accepted; however, appointments can be made quickly by calling 408-356-5553.

Community Teaching

Dr. Gloria Wu has had an Access Television show for 11 years in Massachusetts and California, which culminated in 2001 Honorable Mention in National Hometown Video Festival. Her show, Healthtalk on Youtube reaches thousands of viewers.

A Message From Dr. Wu | Welcome

Thank you for visiting our website. All of us at the office are committed to bringing quality care to you. We hope that this website will educate you about the importance of your eyes and your health.

We have been fortunate in this past century that we have made breakthroughs in the care and treatment of glaucoma, the leading cause of blindness of all ages. In addition, we have seen a significant decrease in the number of cases of blindness from diabetes, the leading cause of blindness of working age Americans, age 21-55 years. We have witnessed, as Americans, how modern cataract surgery has changed in this century. People are living longer, enjoying rejuvenated eyesight and having more active lives than fifty years ago. In this new century, our challenge is to manage, treat, and hopefully, eradicate the disease of Age-Related Macular Degeneration, the leading cause of blindness after age 55 years.​

We hope that we can answer some of your questions. In addition, we have made it possible for you to visit the National Library of Medicine for more information.

Mission Statement


We are dedicated to delivering competent and compassionate care to our patients, utilizing state-of-the-art tools available to the medical profession.



Company Background


We began originally in our office on Beacon Street, in Brookline, Massachusetts. This was our location for 12 years. We moved to 320 Dardanelli Lane, Los Gatos, California in August 2003, and are currently at our new office at 2550 Samaritan Drive, San Jose, California. In the last decade, the practice of Dr. Gloria Wu has seen its practice grow with international patients as the community became more global with visiting international scholars, business people, diplomats, students, and tourists. We have accommodated the needs of our patients by providing full translation services since 1994.

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